Friday, April 1, 2011

Project: Simplify Hot Spot #4: Refrigerator and Pantry Results

We are into week 4 of Project: Simplify. Our Hot Spot this week was the refrigerator and pantry. For some reason this week was easier for me than the other three. I'm not sure why because I had so much to tackle. In addition to the frig and pantry, I added the lazy susan.

The dreaded refrigerator! The before picture.

After picture. This was a lot of work. I was only able to pull out certain shelves and some areas were impossible to get to unless the frig is pulled out and the doors can open wider. That wasn't a possibility for me by myself. Perhaps a future area to tackle.

I forgot to take a picture of the lazy susan before I cleared the top shelf so I only have these two pics of the bottom shelf. Unreal the amount of stuff that can be jammed on one of those!

Work in progress.

After picture with room to spare on the bottom shelf!

My little helper. She's crawling now and was into everything! Boy did she have fun!

Before pic of the pantry. This job took me a better part of the week. It wasn't hard, just time consuming.

After picture. Boy did I fill some garbage bags!! There were things in there lost in the back that were REALLY expired! I also started to put some things like rice, beans, and homemade taco seasoning in canning jars. Love the look of those!

My son even got in on the fun and cleaned out a few shelves in our downstairs frig. This was a great week! Looking forward to next week's hot spot but kind of sad it's done. I need some more to keep me going.