Monday, July 11, 2011

Founding Fathers

It is IMPERATIVE that our children understand
the Constitution and the intent of the Founding Fathers.
Notebooking for The Politically Incorrect Guide
to The Founding Fathers
Chapter 6

The antithesis of Thomas Jefferson, John Adams' part in the founding of our country is detailed. He is not one of the most likeable men in the Big Six, but lessons can be learned from him. While learning about his character- flaws and all- his passion for this country is sure. One thing is learned- every group needs one man to challenge thinking and sharpen ideas through debate and disagreement. John Adams was that man. He brings to the Founding Fathers lessons mixed reactions to his personality, character, and intentions for this country. It seems tolerance was required in days of old as well as today.

Categories covered:
The Revolution
"His Rotundity"
The Insecure President
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