Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine Preschool E-Book Review

Because I have a two and a half year old daughter, when I was given the opportunity to review the E-book Creating a rich environment and a fun place to learn for preschoolers for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, I jumped on it. This upcoming school year is going to be even more challenging than when my daughter was a baby. I have a fourth grader who needs a lot of one-on-one and throwing a soon to be preschooler into the mix has me scrambling this summer for ideas to keep her busy when school starts again. This book was exactly what I needed. All of the contributing authors are experienced homeschool moms that have a lot of wonderful advice and ideas to offer. By the time you are done reading this book, here is list of what you will have learned:
  • Field trips- ideas for some great field trips, as well as how to plan and prepare for them
  • Chores- when and how to implement them and what is age appropriate
  • Music- why to use music and how to choose the correct type and incorporate it into your day
  • Homeschooling with one child
  • Homeschooling with multiple children
  • What makes a good learning environment and how to create it
  • School organization- how to organize all the "stuff" that comes along with a preschooler
  • Home organization- how to organize your home and day to make life a little simpler
  • Lapbooks- why they are great for a preschooler and how to use them
  • What's really important at the end of the day
This book was truly a wealth of information. There were so many ideas that I will go back to it over and over! Several of the articles include lists of activity after activity that you could use tomorrow with things around the house.

There are lots of books out there, but this one really covers a lot of different topics and all from a homeschooling perspective. If you are feeling overwhelmed about teaching a preschooler, this book will help ease your fears, give you confidence, and provide you the necessary tools to be successful.

This E-book will soon be released at The Old Schoolhouse Magazine Store. Don't miss out on this great read!

Heidi Miller-Ford