Monday, September 29, 2008

Great Way to Practice Addition Facts

My son struggles with remembering math facts. We have spent all summer going over them and trying to make them more automatic to him. I was searching the other day for some sort of online computer game that would be more than just flashing facts at him and would be fun. I stumbled across this site ( which has tons of different games your child can play. However, there was one in particular ( that was called Jet Ski Subtraction that turned out to be just what I was looking for . It was actually for addition and for multiple players. This means your child can play with other children online. It's very safe and there is no information that is required to play. The child simply either accepts the generic name that is given for him or makes one up and then either joins a game that someone is hosting or he can host one of his own. It takes just a few clicks before they are off and racing. There can be up to 4 children racing each other or he can even play by himself and all the jet skis still race. To make the jet ski move faster, he looks at the addition fact that is flashed at the top of the screen and then chooses the correct answer from four choices. This continues until the first jet ski crosses the finish line. The order they cross the finish line is shown and also the list of facts that were missed. My son is very competitive and loved this game! I had to make him get off the computer and take a break for a while. I could see as the game went on, he was getting quicker because it gives the time for each individual player. When he played by himself, he would try to beat his fastest game. Best of all, this game is completely free!

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