Friday, October 17, 2008


Starting today and lasting until after Oct. 31, we are having a contest in which we will have a weekly winner who gets to pick ANY....ANNNNYYYYYY pdf file wanted from our store. All you have to do is reply and make us laugh with the completion of this list:
Top 10 Day After Trick or Treat List
1. I AM__________
2. I SAW_________
3. I FELT_________
4. I THINK________
5. I REALIZED_______
6. I ATE____________
7. I NOW BELIEVE_______
8. I WILL NEVER________
9. I ALWAYS_____________
10. I NEVER KNEW_____________
Just reply to this comment and next week we will pick our first winner. We have over 100 products in our store. Get your wish list ready as we are feeling in the gift giving mood!! We also have all our holiday lines coming out, so you might want to have one of those early! (list of goods coming soon!)
Remember to think back to last years DAY AFTER.......all that candy. The mess, the zoned out kids, the glitter everywhere.......I am sure you said all of the above to yourself. Maybe you didn't even complete the thoughts. Maybe you just laid there on your bed staring at the ceiling....I saw....I felt....I never knew.......I now believe......I will never......
You can even let the kids try this out and pick their own reward at our store!


Kelly A said...

I want to play!
Top 10 Day After Trick or Treat List
1. I AM excited to eat some Reese's Cups!
2. I SAW many Reese's cups being handed out.
3. I FELT like knocking down those 20 princesses and taking the basket from the man with the reese's cups.
4. I THINK reese's cups are the bomb.
5. I REALIZED that no other candy can compare to the REESE's CUP.
6. I ATE way too many Reese's cups.
7. I NOW BELIEVE I had gained 30 pounds from all those delicious things.
8. I WILL NEVER eat that many reese's cups again.
9. I ALWAYS say that.
10. I NEVER KNEW what a big fat liar I am. :o) hahahahahah

That was fun.

Jesse said...

that was a good one!

Abby said...

1. I AM relieved to be warm and dry
2. I SAW Christmas decorations up in the stores already!
3. I FELT anxiety
4. I THINK I need an assistant or clone of myself
5. I REALIZED I need to get some presents bought
6. I ATE some candy to make myself feel better
7. I NOW BELIEVE sugar makes everything better
8. I WILL NEVER eat that many Rolos in one sitting again
9. I ALWAYS do this every year
10. I NEVER KNEW I would turn into Mr. Scrooge!

JazzyMama said...

Top 10 Day After Trick or Treat List
1. I AM__so glad that the holiday is over.
2. I SAW__a movie instead.
3. I FELT__relieved that we don't participate in all the madness.
4. I THINK__the candy is much better today at 50% off.
5. I REALIZED__what a protection the truth from the Bible is.
6. I ATE__the usual every day food.
7. I NOW BELIEVE__that it is much more fun to have an almost empty movie theatre to ourselves.
8. I WILL NEVER__understand people's fascination with a demonic holiday.
9. I ALWAYS__wonder why kids getting candy from strangers is a bad thing every other day of the year.
10. I NEVER KNEW__how many people would brave single digit weather for free candy.

Shanna said...

Top 10 Day After Trick or Treat List
1. I AM exhausted from carrying my infant and one year old AT THE SAME TIME to all 143 houses we visited.
2. I SAW grown men delight in scaring the tar out of little children.
3. I FELT my 3 year old daughter trying to claw her way up my leg to join the infant and one year old EVERY time we passed someone in a semi-scary costume.
4. I THINK double strollers are pointless as the only ones who want to use them are the way too big 7 year old and 6 year old.
5. I REALIZED that everyone wants to eat the candy, but no one wants to hold the heavy bags full of candy.
6. I ATE only the candy that 'looked suspicious'... chocolate always looks suspicious.
7. I NOW BELIEVE we have enough candy for 6 Christmas stockings, 6 Easter baskets, and 6 birthday pinatas.
8. I WILL NEVER have to buy candy again.
9. I ALWAYS plan to make elaborate homemade costumes.
10. I NEVER KNEW there was so little costumes to choose from at WalMart the night before halloween.

Life's Lessons Through Literature said...

OK, I have had a couple of good chuckles now. Kelly, you can't win as you WROTE the stuff! Abby- you get something because I love Rolos. Jazzymamma, you get something because you like to save money, especially on discount candy. And Shanna, you made me laugh. Write to our email address and tell me what you want. I am feeling the love tonight and want you to smile. Who knows, I may feel generous all weekend. Thanks girls for getting this going!

Life's Lessons Through Literature said...

Top 10 Day After Trick or Treat List
1. I AM trying to find a hiding place that no one knows about.
2. I SAW last years candy that I hid in the "special" hiding place. I forgot about it.
3. I FELT like eating all the old candy. Waste not and all that rot.
4. I THINK I lost a filling on last years tootsie roll.
5. I REALIZED even old, stale, whitened chocolate tastes good at certain times of the month.
6. I ATE all of the old, hidden candy.
7. I NOW BELIEVE I have learned my lesson.
8. I WILL NEVER let my candy hide that long again.
9. I ALWAYS have three or four "special" spots that no one knows about. Apparently, not even me.
10. I NEVER KNEW where the candy stash from 2004 was hidden.

Tina - mom of 7 said...

I like playing games!!! Fun, fun!!

1. I AM_sure I will be cleaning up toilet paper from my trees and lawn.
2. I SAW_several kids running when I opened the door last night.
3. I FELT I knew who did it.
4. I THINK they are gonna get it 100x's worse next year.
5. I REALIZED playing tricks on them is lots of fun.
6. I ATE a caramel apple while I contemplated my plan.
7. I NOW BELIEVE I will get some helpers to t.p. their house soon.
8. I WILL NEVER buy t.p. from anyplace other than a dollar store.
9. I ALWAYS get the kind that is rough and cheap - the ones that most businesses buy!
10. I NEVER KNEW when t.p. gets wet, it stays. forever. MUAHHHHHH!!!
YEAH!!! I enjoyed that!!

Anonymous said...

Tina, you made me laugh. Tell me what you want and it will magically appear in your mail box! Go shop so you can buy more toilet paper!!

Life's Lessons Through Literature said...

Sorry, that anonymous was me!

Life's Lessons Through Literature said...

Abby, Jazzymamma, SHanna, and Tina-I need you to write us and tell us what you would want from our store. You deserve a reward! Blogger doesn't give us email addresses, so if you enter, you must watch to see if you win!
Email us:

Momof4 said...

1.I AM amazed that we are at the end of October already!
2.I SAW only a handful of little costumed kiddies traveling down our rural road.
3.I FELT relieved that we live in the country and don't have to confront this holiday dead on anymore.
4.I THINK I will do some bargain shopping at the "day after" candy sale for my children.
5.I REALIZED how different I am raising my children from how I was raised.
6. I ATE some homemade applesauce with cinnamon and cool whip on top!
7. I NOW believe that there are better ways to distribute candy to children.
8. I WILL NEVER forget the time I trick or treated as a child in the city and was "held up" by a neighbor boy dressed as a "bad guy".
9. I ALWAYS feel a little nostalgic this time of year - when I thought trick or treat was all good fun!
10. I NEVER realized the hard choices you sometimes have to make when trying to be a good parent.
reaching5678 at yahoo dot com

saleena said...

Top 10 Day After Trick or Treat List
1. I AM crazy for even doing this.
2. I SAW costumes that are high priced.
3. I FELT annoyed knowing that there's no use for them after trick or treat,and they'll fall apart anyway.
4. I THINK it's nuts to send my kids out in costumes just so I can sneak into the candy.
5. I REALIZED I'm an addict of sugar.
6. I ATE anything with chocolate last year.
7. I NOW BELIEVE I wish I had not let my kids start this trick or treating craziness.
8. I WILL NEVER fit into my jeans after Oct.31.
9. I ALWAYS say we can have one peice a day,but it goes out the window for me when everyone's out of the room.
10. I NEVER KNEW I could be such a selfish pig.

saleena said...

I think I just had a confessional moment!

Life's Lessons Through Literature said...

I think you did too, Saleena! And because you bore your soul to us, tell me what you want from our little store!