Thursday, October 9, 2008

He's Reading With Expression!!!

How do you know the brain is not struggling with trying to compute patterns and formulas when reading? When the brain is relaxed enough that you can read with expression! Monday was the first day I ever heard Jesse read with expression. I about fell on the floor. Smooth. Relaxed. Funny. When there was a question mark, his voice pattern had a question it it. He read sarcasm where it was suppose to be. He had fear in his voice when there was suppose to be fear!
Jesse is really thriving on the Stevenson Learning Method program. Once the information and patterns/codes to the English language get into the brain, it sticks there for recall. If anyone knows of a child struggling with reading, this is a wonderful and inexpensive program to use. We are in our second semester with this tool and I am seeing vast improvements in reading, writing, and spelling.
Check it out: Stevenson Learning Method


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