Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Homeschooling ABC's e-class you'll want to take!

Terri Johnson has really outdone herself in Homeschooling ABCs! At a new homeschooling parent/educator can receive a weekly lesson for only $10 per month for six months! This breaks down to $2.30 a lesson! Money well spent in my opinion.

As a veteran homeschooler, I found myself wishing this had been available when I started and was completely overwhelmed by all the information coming at me. Terri breaks down the process from the moment you consider homeschooling! Terri tells the importance of "detoxing" your children if they have been in any formal learning environments (public/private school) as this helps to accustom your child to the home learning environment. Organization, methods, curriculum, co-ops, teaching to different modalities, and more can be learned about in depth through this series of classes.

Terri also reminds you of the legal aspects of homeschooling and the importance of knowing what your state mandates and laws are concerning the homeschooler. She teaches the beginner how to homeschool on a budget before jumping into the heavy cost of formal curricula. How, you ask? Well you will have to take lessons from this experienced homeschooler to get the answer! She has advice on library building, books that should/could be read, websites to help you along the way, and even a list of recommended and popular curricula to help start your search.

She tells you in every lesson that what she gives you are not hard fast rules for the homeschooler. She teaches that every homeschool and homeschooler are different and it is okay to be that way! Terri gently will help your homeschool days be ones without much frustration and confusion.

There are 26 weeks of lessons. These lessons have just the right amount of information as not to overwhelm the teacher/parent. The lessons you will be learning will prove themselves to be priceless information! I found myself in the reviewing process thinking she may leave this or that out but time and again I was proven wrong. Just about everything you need to know about homeschooling can be found in these lessons. It makes sense that the teacher/parent should learn this information before taking on the task of educating a child.

This program is aimed at the Christian homeschooler but can be used and adapted by the secular homeschooler as well. New homeschoolers everywhere can glean and gain an abundance of knowledge from these quick and easy-to-learn lessons. If you know of someone who is considering or even planning on homeschooling, let them know about this wonderful program. Terri and Todd have a limited number of registrants so do not delay in signing up or telling a friend about Homeschooling ABCs.

Contact information:

Knowledge Quest, Inc.
P.O. Box 789
Boring, OR 97009
TEL: 210.745.0203
Toll Free: 877.697.8611
FAX: 210.568.9655

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