Saturday, January 31, 2009

Math Mammoth Review

I had the wonderful opportunity of reviewing Math Mammoth. The products I reviewed were from The Blue Series and included Subtraction 1, Add & Subtract 2A, Introduction to Fractions, Geometry 1, Place Value 2, and Money. The Blue Series is made up of individual topics your child may be having problems with.

My son was actually quite good in math up until 2nd grade when the math facts and place value became an issue. I didn't want to hold him back with a lower curriculum and have him miss out on things I knew he could do, but I knew I had to address the math facts and place value problems or he wouldn't be able to progress in other areas. Math Mammoth Blue Series was the answer!

Each book contains explanations of how to work the problems and lots of practice. What I really like most about Math Mammoth books is the way they are set up. Each set of problems is numbered and then grouped with a rectangle around that group. For children who are easily overwhelmed by too many problems on a page, this really helps them to zone in on the ones they are working on. Working in smaller chunks is also more appealing to many children.

When my son finishes his regular math each day, I let him pick one of the blue books and he does one or two blocks on a page. This way he is reviewing foundational skills every single day but it's not overwhelming to him. He really seems to enjoy these workbooks. I usually print out about 6 or 7 pages from each of the workbooks and then put them into a binder with dividers. Then he just looks at the tabs and chooses which one he wants to do. He must pick a different one each day. This way we get in a review for 5 different topics each week. When he gets near the end of the pages I printed in a section, I print up a few more and stick them in the binder.

I would highly recommend these to any parents looking for an inexpensive and effective way to reinforce specific math skills your child may need to work on. These workbooks are very reasonably price. The Blue Series I reviewed costs anywhere from $2-5 for each workbook. There are also package deals available.

Math Mammoth has four series:
Blue Series- explanations and problems organized by topics for grades 1-5 (available in pdf download or print)
Light Blue Series- a complete curriculum for grades 1-5 (available in pdf download or print)
Golden Series- workbooks (worksheets) organized by grade level for grades 3-8 (available in pdf download or print)
Green Series- workbooks (worksheets) organized by topic (available in pdf download)

Heidi Miller-Ford

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