Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Five in a Row Review

If you like the gentle approach to educating your children or are a fan of the Charlotte Mason style, books from Five in a Row may be what you are looking for. I reviewed their Before Five in a Row book for ages 2-4. There are 24 books, each with many activities, to choose from. Many of these books are classics. Some you will already have on your shelf and others should be easy to find at the library. Their list of books are the are the kinds of stories you will want to read over and over again.

The literature books included in Before Five in a Row are meant to be read while snuggled up with your child on the couch or in a chair. Some have text, while others are just simple picture books. The activities they have suggested to go along with these books include such things as manners, art, math, science, Bible, language arts, and so much more. These activities are just suggestions and many of them a springboard to get your started on a specific topic to learn about or just discuss. You can pick and choose what you want to use or let your child's interests lead the way.

I really enjoyed the second part of the book also. It's full of ideas for the parent to create learning readiness. This includes reading, coordination (both gross and fine motor), fun in the kitchen and at the store, activities with toys, visual arts, literary arts, and performing arts. These activities are wonderful! So many of them only require materials you will have right in your home. Other may require a trip to the library. My daughter and I really enjoyed doing these. It was nice to have a book to open up and quickly find ideas for ways to spend meaningful time with my daughter that will have a positive effect on how she views learning later on.

This was just the first book in their series. They have Five in a Row (5-8 yrs. old), Beyond Five in a Row (8-12 yrs. old) and Above and Beyond Five in a Row (12 yrs. old and up). Be sure to check those out as well. All of these books range from $19.94-$24.95. They also have Character and Bible Study Supplements for some of the books and cookbooks as well.

This book is all about creating a love for learning while sharing some quality time with your child. These early experiences are so important and will influence how your child views learning later on. Make them fun, special, and memorable.

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Heidi Miller-Ford

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