Saturday, February 21, 2009

MathTutorDVD.COM Review

Have you ever tried to teach your child something in math and he just wasn't getting it? Or maybe you couldn't remember how to do some of the math you needed to be teaching and wished there was someone else who could teach it to your child? Well now there is a way. is a company that offers DVDs for basic math through all levels of Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus, Physics, and Probability.

Jason Gibson is the founder of and the teacher in all the videos. What started out as Jason tutoring some friends, has now turned into a way for anyone to be tutored by him in their own home at an affordable cost. I reviewed The Basic Math Word Problem Tutor and The Algebra 2 Tutor DVDs.

When you turn on the video, you will find a very simple setting with just Jason and a white board. There are no distractions in the background. Jason is a very easy person to watch. His presentation style is calm and direct. He very quickly gets into working out the problems and there is not a lot of lecturing. In both videos, there are a lot of problems worked out on the board. He explains each step as he works through it. There are plenty of problems to make sure your child understands the concept.

What's covered on The Basic Math Word Problem Tutor:

Disc 1
Section 1: Adding Whole Numbers
Section 2: Subtracting Whole Numbers
Section 3: Multiplying Whole Numbers
Section 4: Dividing Whole Numbers
Section 5: Adding Decimals
Section 6: Subtracting Decimals
Section 7: Multiplying Decimals
Section 8: Dividing Decimals

Disc 2
Section 9: Adding Fractions
Section 10: Subtracting Fractions
Section 11: Multiplying Fractions
Section 12: Dividing Fractions
Section 13: Percents, Part 1
Section 14: Percents, Part 2
Section 15: Ratio and Proportion

My son really liked this course. He kept asking to watch it every day. He is not a child to sit still and he never moved from the couch while watching this. He even got some paper and a pencil and worked out the problems with Jason. He would ask to pause the video to get his answer first before it was given.

While my son is only in 3rd grade, and we spent most of our time reviewing The Basic Math Word Problem Tutor DVD, I did watch The Algebra 2 Tutor one as well. I wanted to see if the same simple approach was used for higher level math. And the answer is yes! Jason still breaks everything down into small simple steps and it is easy to understand.

What's covered on The Algebra 2 Tutor:

Disk 1
Section 1: Graphing Equations
Section 2: The Slope Of A Line
Section 3: Writing Equations Of Lines
Section 4: Graphing Inequalities
Section 5: Solving Systems Of Equations By Graphing
Section 6: Solving Systems Of Equations By Substitution
Section 7: Solving Systems Of Equations By Addition

Disk 2
Section 8: Solving Systems Of Equations In Three Variables
Section 9: Simplifying Radical Expressions.
Section 10: Add/Subtract Radical Expressions.
Section 11: Multiply/Divide Radical Expressions.
Section 12: Solving Equations With Radicals.
Section 13: Fractional Exponents.
Section 14: Solving Polynomial Equations.
Section 15: The Quadratic Formula.

There is a companion CD that goes along with this video. It is strongly recommended that you get it because it contains the worksheets to use along with the course.

These DVDs are worth the money if you are looking for a different way to teach math in an area your child is not grasping. These are not going to be fancy, entertaining videos. But they will be thorough, easy to follow, and effective. Which is more important?

Each course is about 8 hours in length and most cost $26.99. This is a real value! And for a limited time, each new Math Tutor DVD customer will receive 60 minutes of FREE live online tutoring available 24/7. This is a $35 value! If a course does not improve your child's grades, there is a money back guarantee.

To find out more about these DVDs, click here and be sure to check out the sample videos available online for you to watch.

Heidi Miller-Ford

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