Monday, May 11, 2009

End of Year Congratulations

Congratulations on making it through the school year. If I recorded every high and low I encountered and felt, I would have a virtual theme park full of roller coasters. These all translate into "lessons learned". I remind myself of my personal goals for homeschooling:
- to create a strong family unit
- to develop strong character in my children
- to inspire a love of learning that will last beyond 12th grade
When I review my year and review this list, my heart is balanced out and I rejoice!
To be totally honest, I must admit others could teach my children some subjects better than me. I am not science and math inclined. I hate science experiments. I would rather devote time to history! But education is not my highest goal- GASP- did I say that? The three things I mentioned previously are my goals. I constantly remind myself of these goals. My children have had a wonderful education and
are intelligent. It is the idea of education that can make us doubt and make us devalue the year we just invested in.
For those of us who have chosen homeschooling as a way of life, make sure you focus on your goals when the doubt sets in.

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