Saturday, January 9, 2010

New addition to our Reading Records line!

We've just added another addition to our Reading Records line, Reading Records for The Witchcraft of Salem Village. It is available now on our site. CLICK HERE to order.

Many parents may find this controversial material. Please read the following note from my business partner before making any decision not to purchase this new activity to go along with the book.

Dear Parent,

While at a homeschool convention this summer, I spotted the Landmark Book- The Witchcraft of Salem Village. Immediately I knew that I could cover this topic safely using this book.

Normally I pick history books specifically with a biased view- a Christian worldview. I want to teach history to my children with a unapologetic look at the happenings of the world from a viewpoint that our God has been in control since before the foundations of the world. But with this dark topic, I was always apprehensive. I myself did not have a bias or worldview. I had heard tales, but had never studied the subject myself. The unseen spiritual world and little girls just do not mix in my finite mind and if I was to teach the subject, I wanted to do it fairly and based on evidence. After reading the Landmark book, I was pleased to find that my judgment on this book was a good one. The horrible facts speak loud enough that no bias is needed. So now that I am sure I have found the correct source for our material, let's talk about the matter itself.

What I have learned on the subject of the Salem Village Witch Trials has only validated my apprehension and my distaste for this time in our American History. While I would like to take the high moral road here, I understand many things about our own time period we live in is just as deplorable. Trying to find good in this historical time of Salem was beginning to be worrisome to me. But the more I read and learned, the clearer the picture became. The things induced into our court system due to the Salem Witch Trials influence are precious rights we enjoy now and our children should be taught where these rights came from:

1. one is innocent until proven guilty

2. seeing spirits, devils, ghosts, or any apparition is not used as proof (spectral evidence)

3. guilt by association is not allowed

These rules of court are good things that came from this time. The public confessions that came several years after the trials are good for our children to read. What sadness and burdens the involved people must have borne.

I did not cover the AFTERWORD section of this book due to the very dark and intricate details of some recordings of Satan and his Kingdom. I find it irrelevant to this study although interesting. I would advise those with sensitive children to screen that last chapter. There were many good and interesting bits of information in there, but I was not comfortable making study sheets for this final chapter.

Although written at a younger grade level, I find this book sufficient for high schoolers. Those with sensitive children might want to lighten the lesson time afterword with something wholesome. This was enough to bother even my heart. It was the fact that children could be involved in such horrid activities that left my heart hurting. And then I was reminded in my own Bible study time that "there is none that doeth good, no not one." The fact that without God we are all depraved and desolate, no matter if it is a cute little girl or and old man, we all need God. If you invest in this book and in Fortunately For You Books Reading Records, please add the additional prayer and Bible study that will help purify from the darkness of such a matter.

This is an important topic and one I will be teaching my children. I regret I did not have such tools when my older children were still at home. I will have to give them the condensed version!

Blessings on you as you teach this historical subject,

Shannon Coe

(Order your book now to use with Reading Records. You can purchase one for a very low cost on Landmark Book- The Witchcraft of Salem Village by Shirley Jackson.


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