Saturday, February 13, 2010

Great activity for the Winter Olympics!

Pockets of Time for Hour of the Olympics: Magic Treehouse Book #16 is on sale now for $1.49. This would be a great activity to do while reading the book because the Winter Olympics have started! Even though we watch them every two years now, my son always gets excited for the Olympics (I enjoy them too!). Doing this activity while reading the Magic Treehouse book, can help provide lots of information about this topic. Kids naturally get more involved in a subject when it is interesting to them. Watching the Olympics on television, while reading other materials on this topic will make it more memorable. I love to catch the teachable moments. Sometimes they are hard to find and the Olympics is a great one to grab a hold of. There is so much to learn: math, history, sports, geography, reading, and much more! So get started today. Don't miss out on this great learning opportunity.

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