Monday, July 26, 2010

Common Really Means Special

Max Lucado has always been one of my favorite authors. He is gifted in seeing daily events and relating them to us so we see the hand of God in our common and everyday lives. He has taken this same approach with people of the Bible.
22 chapters are given with a look into the lives of people such as Mephibosheth (one of my favorites!), Abigail (a true role model for so many women today), Moses, Matthew, the woman who washed Jesus' feet, Jairus, and many more.
I have a confession that might explain why I love this book and why I have wanted it since I first saw it on the book shelf.
I am common.
I am middle to low income.
I am not brilliant but smart enough to do what I need to.
My house is nothing fancy, kind of falling apart in places.
We will never make lots of money.
We will always have just enough to meet our needs, if managed well
We aren't able to travel much....and never abroad (unless as a gift by my VERY GIFTED SISTER)
My kids aren't A students. They worked hard for average grades.
There are millions upon millions of people who are blessed as much as me.
But what Max shows us is how beautiful COMMON is! And how much glory the Lord gets from this. How much hope it gives to so many people. The mindset is, if God can do ALL of this and use this plain, everyday kind of folk, He can use you in a mighty way, in your own little place in the world.
While I would never be comfortable with telling anyone that they are limited, the truth is that many of us have boundaries, whether made by man or by God. Limits to ways we can serve Him. Abilities that can only be used in certain setting. Income, families, jobs, all these things and more have all limited me to be common.
But the word common is made to be beautiful and one can even see the blessing in it. My love for the Lord is increased even more, because while common on this earth, His love for me is not common. It is rare and personal. The love we share is unlike anyone else's love for Him. I have specific things, things that are known only to me, that I share with Him. Our love is not common.
I recommend this book for anyone battling with self esteem. A good dose of reality...that some people are a good dose of.....God does more with common people that He does with anyone else....will cheer up the heavy hearted. Read this book aloud to your teens. It defuses feelings of failure in both teens and mommies.
Thanks, Max.

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