Sunday, September 26, 2010

Here's The Story

Ever wonder how Fortunately For You Books came to be? Well, here's the story, but you must sing this to the tune of the Brady Bunch theme song.

(Shannon, Kelly, and Heidi)

Here's the story
of three lovely ladies
who were bringing up some children in their home
there were 9 of them
these precious bundles
and they were all alone

'cuz they were hands on
vis-u-al learners
and they needed some paper for their files
so the moms planned
and made together
resources all their own

The moms then tried out
their hands-on ideas
on the children who thought learning was a bore
they started learning,
scho-oo-l prospered
they must share with all the
moms out in the world

so skimming started
of grocery money
blogs and websites, taxes, licenses were bought,
hard work, late nights, laughs, oopsies lived out
we then picked a business name to call our own

success was granted
the Lord has blessed them
they help the children who learn differently than some
they touch and feel it,
commit to memory
now scho-ol is not suffered anymore!

the FFYB (say quickly) bunch, The FFYB bunch,
That's the way we became the FFYB bunch!

Okay, that was fun and maybe, just maybe I had a lot of coffee tonight! That was the quick look at Fortunately For You Books. While the song diddy makes it sound like it was all fun and easy, let me assure you it wasn't. It was a mission that we worked hard and diligently on. We do this for those little ones who snuggle up with mommy on the couch and listen to a story. Those same little ones who have a hard time comprehending and remembering what they just heard. Sometimes the little visual helps, sometimes they need to handle the time cards and put them in order as they hear the events. These students aren't slow, they just don't have the right tools. I can't tell you how many times we have been written to and told by a mommy that the child now enjoys story time- because they are not dreading the coming assessment!

We have just finished up with our vacations and are now refreshed and ready to buckle down again and work hard to provide inexpensive and quality products that have a foundation in literature. We will be making some business meeting trips to Starbucks (YEAH!!!!) to plan our holiday ideas. So many books, so little time!

Okay, how many of you actually sang that song anyways?


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