Tuesday, September 14, 2010

IV- A Story About Sacrificial Love

It's not what you think....you will be reading quite a few chapters...hoping it is not what it seems. It isn't. Ted Dekker has woven a tale of sensuality, seduction and redemption into one thriller. I read this book in two settings. I didn't get anything else done. It is Ted's fault!
Dark characters, depravity.....honor and a valiant man. Death...eyes willing to be blinded in exchange for pleasure.....sisters, friends, separated by lust and desire.
While referencing the Song of Solomon, this story will make you want to reread this Bible lesson and see the parallels. It took a genius to take such a story that leaves so many questions and recreate it to see why the lovers are grieving and sorrowing, why they are separated and yearning, and how this love becomes so strong that the bond of love is worth dying for.
What is sacrificial love? It may be easier to say what it is not...it is not selfish, it is not self promoting, it is not vain, it is not hurtful, it is not a love that leaves you feeling worse. Sacrificial love is the love Christ has for his bride, the love Solomon reflects in his Song of Songs, it is the love of the man in this book for his beloved.
I would highly recommend this book for adults and high school students. A follow up of the book of Song of Solomon will add new insight and reflection to this Biblical love story. It is a dark love story...no butterflies, unicorns, rainbows, or happy endings for everyone!
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I'm glad so many people like you have read and reviewed this book! Immanuel's Veins was wonderful and I can't wait for more Ted Dekker novels to come! I posted my review of Immanuel's Veins at fablefreak.wordpress.com check it out!

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