Monday, December 6, 2010

Tid Bits From My Trip To Ireland

My sister and I, Maureen and Shannon (yes, lovely Irish names!)

went to Ireland to spend 10 glorious days in May of this year.

There is something about this island.

Once you have gone, you will want to keep returning!

I have fascinating stories, tales to tell, and pictures to show you!

Which way to go?

And as if that wasn’t confusing enough,

We were driving on the wrong side of the car

And on the wrong side of the road!

One of our first stops was to the

Cliffs of Mohr on the western coast of Ireland.

You have probably seen pictures of this in

books or on calendars.

I was not prepared for how high we up we were.

Birds were specks below us.

There was a woman playing a harp, the sun was shining (no small event in Ireland!), and a Keep to climb!

We planned to be here for one hour, but it turned into three.

How could you leave? It was so peaceful and majestic at the same time.

This is called Brian’s Keep.

Not quite a castle, but still regal to us.

Before we left this wonderful place,

we went into the little tea shop.

Every place of interest has a tea shop and one is always in the mood for “a spot of tea”.

Proper tea pots, cups, cubes of sugar and real cream.

We were always served with cups, linens, silverware,

and some sweet and savory pastries.

We Irish know how to make any

place feel cozy and warm.

Tea and scones.

Works every time!

After we were all warm and toasty, we would venture out

into some cold and primitive settings.

When we are driving in our country, sometimes we

pass old barns or old buildings.

In Ireland, we passed old castles.

There they sat, all crumbled, covered with moss,

in total disrepair and looking quite lonely.

As you are driving down your little sheep lined road,

out of nowhere, something this magnificent would appear,

and we would to stop and just absorb the moment.

There are no crowds, no loud noises…

It is just a castle sitting off the path.

It is Ireland and it is beautiful.

We were able to tour several castles and in one castle

we were given a teaching tour.

A wee little man talked about the family

that had lived there, how they lived, and

what had become of them.

Several hundred years later, this home a man

built to protect his family still stands.

It was solid and the foundation was sure.

Needless to say, we learned lots of life lessons on our trip!

Old churches were as common as old castles.

We loved the old cemeteries- except for one.

It was really creepy.

Ireland is an old, old land.

I do not mean it is any older than the earth you

stand on now.

I mean the history of the island is old.

We could see old cathedrals, old cemeteries

and just when you thought things were old enough,

We came across something even odder and even older.

Bee Hive Huts.

Primitive little forts made 500 years before

our Lord was even born amongst us.

Not only bee Hive Huts,

but Druid Circles.

The best food I have ever had in my life

Was in Ireland.

The cuisine from this island is well known and respected.

If you like seafood- well, remember you are on an island and

the seafood is fresh everyday- everyplace.

We were adventurous in our menu picks.

One can dine very well for limited funds.

Here is a small variety of some good eats.

The BEST Thai food I have ever had in my life.

A traditional Irish breakfast.

Tomatoes are served on every plate.

Nice way to start the day, no?

And never to be forgotten was the

Common Fish and Chips.

They eat this meal like we eat

Happy Meals.

Although Fish and Chips, in Ireland

sitting on a bench by a pier,

watching the ships come in and out

made me happier than any Happy Meal ever can.

Maureen and I went to this place

because we are Irish.

Our family heritage is here.

Our own mum came to America from Ireland

when she turned 18 years old.

No one in our family had ever gone to see this homeland.

If you want to learn more about this trip we took,

We have more pictures and stories on our blog (see link below).

Our blog was how we communicated with our family every day.

Phone calls were too expensive for us so loading up our day’s adventures onto a blog was a perfect way to share our adventures.

Be sure to practice your writing and

sharing tales as much as you can.

If you are ever able to travel, you will want a recording of all that you saw and what you did.

Thank you for sharing your time with me.

I could talk of Ireland all day!

Shannon Coe

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Suanna said...

Thanks for sharing. I would love to visit Ireland sometime. Your pictures were gorgeous.

Jennifer said...

Sounds wonderful! I'd love to go someday, too ...