Friday, March 11, 2011

Project: Simplify Hot Spot #1: Closet Results

I have been dreaming about purging things and organizing my house since I knew I was pregnant with my third child. She is now 9 months old and it was time to start. Simple Mom organized Project: Simplify. It's a 5 week project that anyone can join to help get 5 different areas of your home in order. This was the motivation I needed to get going!

Hot Spot #1 started this week and it dealt with your closet/drawers/wardrobe. Boy was this a tough place to start! Years of holding on to clothes that really needed to go made this a BIG job! Our goal was to have it finished by Friday. While I still have some clothes in my son's closet, I did manage to get through my left half of the closet (going to let hubby do his side himself if he wants) and dresser drawers.

This is a before picture of the hanging clothes jammed in there. They were so packed that it was hard to separate anything to see what I even own.

This is the after picture. I didn't get a closeup of the hangers, but I put everything back in with the hangers backwards so that at the end of the year, I will know if something wasn't worn because it will not have been turned around and I can purge. This is great to do with items you are unsure of.

Notice the little shelves on the left with clothes seeping over the edges and filled to the top?

Now they are all organized and I even have three shelves empty!

My helper during the process.

Drawers before. Again jammed and hard to open. Never was able to see what was at the bottom of those drawers!

I used the rolling method and grouped my shirts by colors. So much easier to find stuff now.

I did my PJ drawer the same as well.

So after all is said and done, I was able to donate 4 boxes and consign one bag. That's pretty good for 5 days work! Can't wait to see what next week's hot spot will be. Why don't you join us?


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