Friday, March 25, 2011

Project: Simplify Hot Spot #3: Kid's Clothes and/or Toys Results

Project: Simplify's Hot Spot #3 dealt with the kid's clothes and toys this week. I have three children and thankfully I had done some work in both areas not too long ago. There was no way I was going to be able to get through three kid's rooms in one week had I not done something ahead of time. I decided to focus on the clothes instead of the toys since we'd gone through the toys before Christmas.

I started in the baby's room because her dresser drawers were absolutely stuffed full! Too many baby blankets, sheets, onesies, etc.

The drawers practically sighed a sigh of relief when I got rid of half of those blankets, organized the sheets, and rolled the onesies instead of folding them (no pictures of them but I love this method!). It's hard to believe by looking at these pictures that I removed things from these drawers but believe it or not, I took tons of stuff out. They still look so full but I am able to close them much easier now.

I was able to get rid of the dresses she has outgrown and also make some room on the shelf above.

This was the result of my efforts in that room. Two bags for consignment and one basket full of items to be donated.

Then I headed to my son's room (before and after pictures to follow). He keeps telling me he has too many clothes and I don't need to buy him any more. After this week, I think he is right! This is only some of them spread out from one end of the room to the other. I like to save the clothes that are getting small to use as play clothes. This means that I am dealing with several sizes at a time and creates LOTS of clothes. It was finally time to retire the items that were ridiculously small and organize everything else. My son is also a child that likes to wear shorts around the house in the winter so I am dealing with clothes for warm and cold seasons throughout the entire year instead of storing one set like I do with the girls.

My 4 year old daughter entertaining herself with the "mini claw" game in his room while I cleaned.

So here is what the closet looked like before I started. Curtains falling, clothes sliding out of the shelves, laundry overflowing from the basket, and toys everywhere.

He is my after picture with everything sorted, organized, curtains fixed, and so on.

Two boxes for donation and one bag for consignment. Not bad but I probably could have done better. He wasn't home and I wasn't able to hold things up to see if they were really too small and I was afraid to get rid of clothes he could still wear. I may revisit this room and try to quickly go through some stuff again to see if there is anything else that can go.

What I don't have pictures of is my middle child's room. I didn't want to bore everyone with more dresser and closet pictures. I did the same in her room except I don't get rid of her clothes because they go into storage for when the baby is old enough to wear them. We were able to clear out two boxes worth of dresses and some other stray items to put into the attic.

This project has been tough but so worth it! It's really starting to make a difference. I'm glad it's the weekend and I have time to rest before next's week assignment but at the same time, I am anxious to see what we will be tackling next week.


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