Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mommies Can Learn Too

Keeping up on current events is hard when you have little ones all around and a dozen schedules to coordinate. News? Who wants to watch and get depressed? And you can't keep it on long for fear of traumatizing your young ones. Do they really need to see the policeman who was killed or the home that was burned to the ground? News watching and gathering is tricky. I get most of my news from my favorite web sites but even that gives me conflicts as I spend enough time with a keyboard in front of me.
So how does one stay up on all the little tricksy things the politicians are up to? I have learned a little trick these last few months that will allow you, on those rare date nights with real grown ups eating real food, food you did not have to cut up into tiny non choking pieces, to participate in grown up "Washington" conversations. You need to know 2 things:
  1. the Constitution
  2. the intent and purpose of the Founding Fathers

Have you ever heard the saying, "If you study the truth long enough, you can easily see the lie"?

If you were to study just enough to grasp or refresh these two elements, you can stay on top of any political conversation (from my experience so far!). I am reluctant to turn this post into a sales pitch, yet I am feeling quite passionate for you, dear mothers. If there has ever been a time in our recent history where it is vital for you to play a part in leading your child through current events fused with correct American history, it is now.

My experience from these last few months of helping FFYB create this notebooking line for The Politically Incorrect Guide to The Founding Fathers has been one of incredible insight into my own lack of sharp debating skills, lack of current events knowledge, and my awkwardness at being left behind in interesting adult dinner conversation.

Might I suggest this Notebooking series might be a good summer course for mommies? I KNOW you don't have much time, but the design on these pages is quick, to the point, and thorough. Do just one chapter a week. Look at the notebook page and you could scan the book to make it even quicker.

If you study the basic principles then it won't matter what current event happening at the time. Reference the Constitution and the Founding Fathers and you are up to speed. It's brilliant.

You need the reference book The Politically Incorrect Guide to The Founding Fathers. I bought mine used at Amazon.

You will need these files: buy chapters as needed- Notebooking for The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Founding Fathers

I want to encourage mommies to stay in tune with our history as it is happening.

Perhaps these quick, little files will help you do just that.


Shannon- up-to-date dinner conversationalist.

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sara said...

I love your post! Came over from Lee at HomeschoolFreeStuff, who posted your Travel Journal. I had to chuckle at your Rush curriculum! Great points! I have loved this year of homeschooling, it is my first, but I have learned so much! I too have often felt just a little behind Constitutionally speaking, and not always quite prepared for debates. I might take you up on your suggestion!