Saturday, March 10, 2012

Middle Name Pride Day

If you were to do a search on your name, you would a lot of people with a name just like yours. Or so we would think. But there is one way you can be sure that you have found yourself- and that is to check the middle name. That middle name makes you unique. 

Some people say that you were given your middle name just so you know when you are in really big trouble. It seems that way. 

But most of the time, a middle name is chosen to honor a special relative or a special friend. Ask your parent about your middle name and list three qualities about this person that made them special enough to give you their name. 

Every time you use some ones name today, add their middle name- just let them know they are not in trouble! 

Here is a link for a little more research about how middle names came to be. 

How it came to be- click HERE  (dates are off but information is correct).

Fun activities for today:

1. Make your 1, 2, 3 list of qualities from your namesake.
2. Every time someone does NOT use your middle name, shout "Middle Name Day!"
3. Ask everyone you talk to day what their middle name is. 
4. Write your full name out on all your paper work today.

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