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Review of Remember Me Pockets

Haven't tried our Remember Me Pockets?  Oh what you miss!  This review is specific to October's RMP but all of our RMP's are similar in layout!

Review of Remember Me Pockets – October

Recently, I was given a copy of Remember Me Pockets October free, in exchange for my honest review. Remember Me Pockets is a series of monthly unit studies unique to Fortunately For You Books. Because they use lots of graphics (but don’t worry: they offer both black and white and color images for those who like to watch their color ink usage!), these unit studies are ideal for several kinds of learners. Very young students can use the studies with a parent’s aid, and older students who tend to shy away from schoolwork with too many words will similarly be drawn in. Further, unlike many unit studies currently available, Remember Me Pockets gives you all of the information that you need contained within the study itself. There are no external links required to complete the study, although there are some links that are suggested as extensions of a particular topic.

What exactly is Remember Me Pockets? Essentially, each monthly study uses as its base the important dates and themes of a given month, in this case October. Because October is stamp collecting month, there is an imaginative interview with a mailman and a template for creating a stamp series. Because Michael Landon’s birthday is in October, there is an imagined interview with him. When you realize that there are six or so important birthdays in a given month, and at least five themes for any given month, all of which are covered in Remember Me Pockets, you begin to get a sense of how much you are getting with this monthly study.

What differentiates Remember Me Pockets from any other monthly-themed unit study then? First, the variety of the activities is noteworthy. From labeling the parts of a squirrel, to matching quotes to their famous speakers, to learning the “10 codes” used by police officers, Remember Me Pockets October has subjects and activities to suit many different ages and both genders. What makes Remember Me Pockets truly unique, though, is its namesake: the creation of pockets. Something like a cross between a lapbook and a notebooking page, but really more creative, the “pockets” will be a welcome change to moms who want a different approach to schooling, but who need someone else to do the heavy work for them.

Using different sizes and shapes, students will make their own little arsenals of facts as they create “Tags of Time,” “interview pockets,” and more. At the end of the month, your child will have a tangible keepsake of his study of the month of October. More likely than not, he will continue to “play” with his pockets, thereby reinforcing what he has learned.

Remember Me Pockets are targeted for elementary through middle school students, but both younger and older students can benefit from them, depending on their personality type and ability level. If it sounds like these monthly studies are hard to describe, that’s because they are! For $4.99, though, it is well worth the money to purchase one and find out what pockets are all about! Delivered to you in ebook format, as seen on Fortunately For You Books’ website (http://fortunatelyforyoubooks.com/remember-me-pockets-october.html), you will be creating your first pocket in minutes (instructions are included and detailed). If your school day needs a little excitement, tactile learning, or just a booster shot, give Remember Me Pockets a try!

Product Review by Laura Delgado, Ph.D., Fortunately For You Books, LLC, November, 2011

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