Friday, October 5, 2012

Why You Should Be Watching the Presidential Debates

I've heard excuse after excuse about people uninterested in the Presidential Debates.  I've heard that it will only make you mad.  I've heard that you already know who you're voting for so there is no point in tuning in.  I've even heard--who cares?!?  To these people I say that you are missing an opportunity to learn, to grow in knowledge, to rightly divide truth and falsehood.  You are giving yourself a pass on knowing more about this great country.  Not every country gives their people an opportunity to get to know "their" candidate more, well, candidly.  Do you know everything about each candidate?  Really?  If you answered honestly--the answer would have been, "no".  We will never know every little thing about each candidate but it should never be said it was for lack of trying.  We should know more of their character, their moral compass, their closely held beliefs.

Here are FIVE reasons you should be watching.

1)  Little eyes are watching you.  What lesson are you teaching your children when you decide to pass up opportunities such as this?  One thing it will teach your children is apathy.  Oh, apathy I am convinced is the the reason our families, countries, and churches are suffering.  People just do not care any more.  Whether it be out of selfishness or an attitude that you could never make a difference, this trait is dangerous.  It has created a generation of "dangerous" voters.  Most young people won't even bother to vote while the others won't care and without conviction will fill in their ballot.  You've had a hand in that, parent, as they are exactly who they have been molded to be.

2)  To know more about every party involved.  Come on parent--you need to know more!  Just because we are out of school doesn't give us the right to stop learning.  Debates tell us so much about each person.  Watch how they act and speak-- How they carry themselves.  This will tell you a lot about the character of a man!  Listen to their words--Do they answer the question or dodge it?  Do they pander to certain organizations or class of people?  Oh what you learn when you watch and Oh what you miss when you decide to watch Family Guy instead.

3)  Who lines up better with your moral beliefs?  I've heard people say "my faith and politics are separate."  I shake my head because true faith drives your political self.  If you have true faith you can't set it aside while you put men and women who are YOUR voice into government.  Your voice (through your representative) should echo your convictions and beliefs.  This won't be popular among some of you but it is something that troubles my heart.  I have many a friend that will stand shoulder to shoulder with me at a Pro-Life rally and then cast their vote for someone who clearly has no conviction of the sanctity of life.  Remember, these men before you at the Presidential debate are going to be the ultimate voice of the USA.  One of them will be YOUR voice.  What do you want that voice to say?

4)  This is one of your number one rights.  Voting.  Do you take it as seriously as it needs to be handled?  The debates will invigorate you to step out on November 6th with a passion!  Men and Women from our country are fighting for this very right, right now.  How dare we treat it as something that is bothersome or something that will only make you mad.  This country is losing its favor through the world because of that little word, apathy, and people who take for granted the rights of this great nation.  Are you counted among the apathetic and those who have forgotten or just don't care about the rights millions have fought and are still fighting for? 

5)  Lastly, you should be watching because really-- What else is more important?  God of course is more important and everything spiritual takes precedence but of earthly matters--what is more important?  This IS about your family--This IS about your faith--This IS about the future.  Times are tough and will only get tougher.  Who is the man for the job?  You won't know unless you watch, unless you learn.  Who has a plan that will keep our founding principles in place, the very statutes that made this country great?  You won't know unless you watch, unless you learn.  Who is it that you want leading your children?  You won't know unless you watch, unless you learn.

Parents, I plead with you to get a firm grasp on each candidate BEFORE you hit the voting booth.  I encourage you to be passionate about your rights and to put away any apathy.  I implore you to watch these debates with me so that we can stand in our voting booth with conviction and cast our ballot.

God Bless the USA!

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