Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Learning Disabilites and Fortunately For You Books Part 2- UNIT STUDIES

The more I read the less I know. I heard this statement when I was a child and can remember trying to wrap my brain around it and thinking it just doesn't make sense. Now it is a recurring chapter title in my life! We can be confident and a living testimony when we tell our children that the learning NEVER ends. We will never know it all and if we are readers, we will learn on a daily basis.
Which brings us to reading. Which brings us to unit studies.
Reading is THE recipe for lifelong learning. If you read, you can learn about anything. My favorite places in Morgantown, WV are the libraries, Barnes and Noble, and Books-A-Million. I love being surrounded by books. I love to read. I love to learn. I knew absolutely nothing about dyslexia. I THOUGHT I knew a few things but turns out what I thought I knew was just stereotypical and something I probably picked up from a movie. It all makes sense to me now.
And I am still amazed at how the product we developed- not with learning disabilities in mind- uses elements that will help my son learn.

We now have three unit studies that are for sale:
Fortunately For You: Books 1-3 A Series of Unfortunate Events,
Wisdom from the Wardrobe: based on The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe,
Within the Web: based on Charlotte's Web.
Gatherings from the Garden: based on The Secret Garden.

Every one of these unit studies uses these approaches:
discussion approach- an oral discussion about something in the story takes place
notebook approach- there will be a piece of paper with something to show for this activity
investigative approach- a little more research and a little more though will be needed in this activity. There will usually be some paper result at the end.
experience approach- this is where you physically try something out that relates to something that was read

Not only do you have 4 approaches that engage the whole mind of a child, some of these activities can be combined in an activity. As our unit studies cover everything but math, you will have a huge menu of options to pick from. There are so many ways you can read a chapter, you will certainly be able to use this again with the same child in later years or with other children and never touch the same selections you already used! Under Language/Writing, Science, Social Studies, Health, Lifeskills, Bible, and Art you are able to pick the approach you child needs that day. You are never tied into what you HAVE to do to use this unit study. This curriculum is based on your child's needs and is made to conform to what you see is most beneficial for that day.
Children with learning disabilities need ways of learning that engage yet conform to their daily needs. Being able to change daily and pick approaches purposefully for your student will benefit them greatly. Our activities are what we like to call "micro bursts". They are short trips into learning. You read of something in the story, you take notice, engage and learn and go back to the story. I find this so beneficial with Jesse. Break it up, keep it short. We get lots done, but do things in small increments.
I love our unit studies and as we gear up and are preparing for our convention season, we are most excited to get the unit studies into hands of parents. If you can help your child with an LD love a story and engage their mind with knowledge from that story, you are nurturing something that can help them their whole life. Our unit studies help children with short attention spans and a need for non-repetitiveness to connect with a piece of literature and come away with a portfolio of knowledge.
I know so many parents would love these unit studies. We just need to get them in their hand.
You will want to be watching for our Gathering from the Garden release. There is not a better way to end the school year that with a unit study for the classic The Secret Garden. The book itself is amazing and this unit study is one of the best. (heads up- 144 pages of free worksheets alone!!!!) We have made a whole collection for this unit study. Some things may benefit one of your children or all of them. All can be used alone without needing another product. But ALL will be worth every penny.
Fortunately For You Books is committed to giving you the tools that will help you develop a love for reading. If your child has an LD and reading is a struggle, these unit studies are worth a try. I can now speak from personal experience (read Part 1) on this issue. Not all unit studies are the same, and not all unit studies can give a daily freedom to meet a child's needs. For those children who need a structure that considers their needs, try a unit study of ours. You can get them instantly as an ebook.
Your friend at FFYB,

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