Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Oceanology Book- Enrichment4You Product

I bought this ocean themed file when we got back from our vacation to the ocean this summer. I have been wanting to order from Jean's mega list of products for some time and this gave me just the reason I needed. I sure wish I had Jean's fantastic hands-on products when I was in school.
This is my learning style to a tee, but I was not wanting to project my style on to Jesse. I have been looking over the printed pages for a few days, worried that he would find this project to artsy for him. It is not a feminine styled project. It is a very artistic project. But to Jesse, that feels feminine to him. It would have a scrapbooking feel and maybe that is why he wouldn't like it. He has seen me scrapbook for years and that relates to mommy's girly night. So this could be my fault! Nonetheless, I know my son, and I know what the perception is going to be. But it is SUCH a fantastic product. Finally it dawned on my how to use this- with the COMPUTER!!!

I got him started on a Publisher page and showed him the basic designing tools. I gave him the design page Jean has already made for each subject. He instantly took to this. I was so thrilled! Computer skills, science, art, and language all in one!

My thought that I am wanting to share with you is sometimes you see a project that you really like and want your child to use. We are free to adapt any curriculum and items to fit our child's needs. As a creator of curriculum and product, I say we would LOVE you to adapt our items to meet your child's needs. Sometimes things just need to be tweaked to get the best use and least resistance from our kids. I would have missed so much opportunity for Jesse if I had just looked at this Oceanology Book and wishfully desired him to like it. Instead, I saw something with a great skeleton and chance for Jesse to dig deeper into something that was a great tool, adapted it moderately to fit not just his learning style, but his quirky perceptions.

With all the great stuff out there, let's take time looking over products and thinking how to adapt things for our kids. If it has great bones and is a sound learning technique, it is worth giving it a chance with the kids. I think Jesse may have his project done in two weeks. I am going to put it all in a pdf file and post so all can see a different option offered for a set project.

Check out the full line of Enrichment4You products at her site:

Oceanology Book Project by Enrichment4You
Has anyone else used these products? I so badly want to do the Mythical Creature one myself! I want Jacob to do the volcano project soon. Tell us if you have already used any of Jean's products or if you plan to.

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