Saturday, November 29, 2008

Alphabet Alley Christian Toys Review

If you are looking for good quality games and toys for your preschooler, Alphabet Alley Christian Toys is the place to check out. They are a Christian company that produces high quality products for your early childhood aged children.

I was given the opportunity to review two of their products. The first was their Two By Two Matching Game. This is a Noah's Ark version of the traditional memory game. As I opened the box, right away I was impressed with the quality of the product. Each tile is made of a very thick and sturdy cardboard with a glossy finish. This is not something your preschooler can bend and they are a nice size for a child to hold on to. My daughter was immediately attracted to the adorable Noah's Ark themed images on each tile. While she is not old enough to play the game the way it should be, we modified it and it worked perfectly until she is able to. There are 12 tiles (not 24, which can be too much for a young child). We chose four mixed up pairs and used them face up instead of the traditional face down method. I asked her to find me a certain tile and then had her find it's match. We then discussed things like what sound the animal made, or practiced counting "one, two". She loves this game and is often bringing it to me wanting to play. My 8 year old son even got into it with her and was teaching her with it.

The second product I reviewed was the Noah's Ark Go Fish. This is just like the original Go Fish but again with the Noah's Ark theme. Have you ever bought a cheap Go Fish game from the dollar store and realized why they were a dollar? I have! They are so flimsy! Well the cards in this game are easily two to three times thicker! They are very sturdy. This company has really gone the extra mile and made sure their materials will really hold up with a preschooler using them. The size of the cards are nice and big and easy for little hands to hold. Each card has a big picture of something that is Noah's Ark themed on it. There are also numbers and a word telling what the picture is at the bottom. Not only can you play a game, but you can work on sight words, numbers recognition, counting, matching, and Bible all at the same time. This was fun for my entire family!

I would highly recommend these games if you are looking for some traditional games but with a Christian twist. They are definitely made well and will withstand the little hands of your toddler!

Visit Alphabet Alley is you are interested in either of these products for Christmas. They also carry other games, magnet toys, wooden toys, and stickers.

Right now, the Two By Two Matching Game is on sale for $9.35 (reg. $10.99).
Noah's Ark Go Fish is $5.99.

Heidi Miller-Ford

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