Monday, December 1, 2008

Puppetools Review

As homeschooling parents, most of us realize the importance of play. There is a lot of research out there to back this up. Jeffrey Peyton, the creator of Puppetools, is very serious about helping educators and parents realize this and to provide them with some tools to incorporate it into their studies. He has developed an entire site to helping people understand and learn about puppets and how they can change the dynamics of the learning environment.

On his site, you will find resources for parents, educators, and students. There is a wealth of research to go through, as well as videos to watch. You will need to spend some time doing this if you want to become an expert at puppets. He provides patterns for you to print and lots of examples of puppets others have created. There are directions on how to make the "hinge" (Jeffrey's own creation), which serves as the base for all puppets. He also gives you ideas about where to look for ideas to create your own puppets.

Puppets can make a huge difference in the education of a child who has special needs or is a hands-on learner. My son is not a paper and pencil kind of guy and I can see how puppets would make a subject much more interesting to him. Children tend to come out of their shells when puppets are involved. That is exactly the kind of environment Jeffrey wants you to create for your child. His mission is to open the door to sweeping change in education by advancing the principle of play in teaching and learning.

If you are interested in learning more about puppet making and incorporating them into your lessons, please visit to purchase a subscription.

Subscription Costs:
$99 (one year)- up to 30 users- this subscription is best for a homeschool or church group
$20 (one year)- this is only for one family

Heidi Miller-Ford

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