Monday, November 3, 2008

Election Day

Tomorrow will be a big day for us. The kids are just as excited about the voting process as I am. Last election the kids still came into the voting booth with me to watch and learn. I found that not only endearing but hopeful as they would see how the process worked. For school, we will be watching a historical movie, reading, a few games, and then we will be up, up, up as late as we can stand to watch the news. It is nice to know they are as excited about the day as adults are. How are you planning on spending the day? It would be nice to hear ideas from fellow homeschoolers on how to make this day special for the kids. Election day is one more reason I love homeschooling. While other children have the day off, we will be taking advantage of making and watching history. We will reiterate as much as we can to our children, explain the electoral vote a hundred times, probably yell at the computer a couple of times. Do you have any favorite web sites that explain electoral vote in simple terms? How late will you stay up? I find the whole day and how we homeschoolers view it very interesting. While we all will breathe a sigh of relief to have this behind us, I have enjoyed the process with my older children. This was a fascinating time for them, and if it had been a very boring election, I am not so sure they would be as passionate about their right to vote as they are now.

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