Friday, October 23, 2009


Jump on or head to the book store to get the book for Thanksgiving! We are working on GRAMMAR by THIS BOOK using This First Thanksgiving Day (A Counting Story) by Laura Knauss Melmed. Our best seller grammar program is adapted for the sentences in this story. Students will see grammar in a story book and be able to understand verbs, adjectives, adverbs, nouns, prepositions quickly and easily. There is a checklist of things to find on the pages of the story and children who have an aversion to writing will be glad to know answers are given on blocks of paper and need only be layed in the correct spot. Watch for this coming release and get the story book now. This book can be found for pennies on We picked ours up at the books store for a few dollars. I can't wait for you to use this with your children! Why didn't I have this when I was in school!

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Purplemom said...

Two of my daughters just completed this and enjoyed it. They both liked the hunt for pictures at the beginning of each section. For my 9yo the grammar activity was just right. For my 11yo it was a fun review. For my littlest, at 4, it was a great chance to 'do school' with her sister since the oldest read the story to the youngest as she worked. Thanks for such a fun product. Can't wait for the next.