Friday, October 23, 2009

New Remember Me Pockets for November

The month of November is the beginning of the holiday season and the month we all like to bring in more hands on and fun activities. Fortunately For You Books knows how to fuse fun with learning! Our specially designed worksheets will give you a nice change of pace for the holidays and still provide you with accomplished work for your portfolios.

Authors highlighted this month are:
Bram Stoker (Dracula)
Robert Louis Stevenson (Treasure Island)
Frances H. Burnett (The Secret Garden)
Lucy Maud Montgomery (Anne of Green Gables Series)

Our FFYB reporter continues interviewing interesting people who have birthdays in the month of November. Daniel Boone, Will Rogers, Marie Curie, and Claude Monet begin the interviews by sharing details about their life. We jump to modern times to talk to Condoleeza Rice and Larry King. We then go back to interview Billy the Kid and find out why he turned out the way he did. Winston Churchill is the last person to be interviewed. Our reporter asks the right questions to give us insight into what made Winston a great and strong leader during difficult times.

Peanut Butter and Native Americans are the focus on our monthly pocket. A Sticker Study format is used to recall information about peanut butter and a puzzle format will help children learn about the various types of Indians that were in the America's long before Europeans settled here.

Two weeks are filled with National Bible Week (dominoes game of Old and New Testament stories) and National Game and Puzzle Week (games and puzzles!).

There is a huge assortment of daily activities to satisfy every interest in your family! NEW MINI LAPBOOKS are introduced this month! Montana and North Carolina celebrate their statehood in November and FFYB offers our best selling mini lapbook format for covering state facts. Just think- a lapbook finished in one/two settings! Pompeii, paper clips, tongue twisters, diabetes, Guinness World Record Day, Gettysburg Address, Mayflower Compact, Times Zones, and Homemade Bread Day is all covered in the daily section of the pockets. And if that is not enough, we have Shakin' Up History, a supplemental activity that includes a huge assortment of mentionable things that happened in history this month. You never know what the roll of the die will be!

Our holiday section honors the Veterans of the United States of America with an essay giving information about the holiday, a deductive reasoning skill with logos of all armed branches, and a cool art project that is meant to be hung with pride. Thanksgiving is celebrated with a practical project of placemat art! Make placemats for the holiday table and complete the Pilgrim Mini Book for your holiday lesson.

Our Remember Me Pockets are created specifically for helping students recall information. Visual and Hands On Learners are loving these worksheets! Make your holiday month stress free by giving your students tools designed just for them! Learning does not have to be hard, it just needs to be from FFYB!

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