Monday, June 7, 2010

New Notebooking Pages for High School History

If you have a high school student, we would love for you to give our new product a try. Notebooking for Glenn Beck's Arguing with Idiots: How to Stop Small Minds and Big Government is now ready. Chapter 1 is available for free on our Freebie page and Chapter 2 is also available for purchase at just $1.50. We hope you will find this a great resource to go along with the book (not included) for your student. We are living in a time when our children need to be aware of current events and have a good understanding of politics and government. This book is about Glenn Beck's popular and conservative look at America.

With list making, note taking, diagram drawing, and highlighting different aspects from this text, FFYB created an unconventional curriculum for students who are not text book oriented. Having learned from experience, the goal of high school material is to translate into adulthood smoothly. Learning to read and take notes from a book such as this is the perfect way to help your high school student learn about our great country, our freedoms, and our rights. You will need to purchase the book Arguing With Idiots to go along with this notebooking file.

All ten chapters will be released individually because the book is long and you may not want to cover every chapter with your student. This way you don't end up buying an entire book you don't need. Keep checking our site so you can purchase the others chapters as they release.

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