Wednesday, August 11, 2010

100 Prayers God Loves to Hear

I ordered this book with my two year old grandson in mind. I was very surprised to see the content is for much older students. I believe this book would be good for lower to upper elementary. I do love the music CD's that came with the book filled with 100 songs of praise, some from my childhood and some newer songs. These will be perfect for my Ethan who loves music.
Every prayer has a title and a little devotional with it. There is a lovely little prayer in a colored box in the center of each page. On the opposite page has a colored and relating picture to the devotional. At the bottom of that page is a quote about prayer.
My ideas to use this book in schooling with children would be to use the quotes and prayers as copywork, the music as a music session, and the devotional for a Bible class. You really have three classes combined in this one book.
It really is a lovely little book that I found myself just sitting and reading it like a story book. Some of the prayers are longer and I was considering memorizing them myself and saying this beautiful prayer at just the right time. But instead I have decided to add prayers to cards, notes, and emails I send to friends. My memorizing skills are rusty!
If your children are too young to read, this book is still a great resource for you, mom! Subjects cover putting down your toys to think about God to family prayers, an evening prayer, prayer for thanking God for little things, and many prayers of people in the Bible.
The table of contents lists the prayer and the praise song that goes with that prayer. With 100 lessons in this book, you have quite a lovely devotional for your little ones.

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