Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Highly Recommended Book for Boys

My son, who turned 12 this year is in that in between time of still being a boy yet wanting to be considered a man. As a mother, it is impossible for me absolutely know what he is going through and to understand all the emotions that are just under the skin because I am a woman and have never felt all that he has. His father helps to guide his way when he is home from work and His Heavenly Father is helping to guide his path as well. For personal devotions, it was harder for me to find the right Scriptures and correct words to help him study it out further. I researched out devotion books for boys and decided to purchase a few so that I may read them to make sure they were doctrinally sound, age appropriate, and interesting for my son.

I found all of those things and more in the book "Boyhood and Beyond" by Bob Shultz. It is a book that covers a myriad of subjects pertinent to a well rounded young man. He gives great anecdotes, personal stories, and Scriptures that your son can understand and identify with. Mr. Shultz has done more than I can do with certain subjects, because I really just don't understand all the thoughts, actions, and emotions of men but he does.

I have to highly, highly recommend this book to any pre-teen, teen, or young man out there! I think this book can be read from 8 years of age to 20. As I read it with my son, the Lord speaks to my heart about the awesome responsibility on me to help mold this precious creature. He reminds me that most of these lessons can be adapted for me and that I need to do better in many of these areas as well!
Here is a list of the Chapter Titles in BOYHOOD AND BEYOND:
A Grand Book-(appreciating the Master's world and nature)
Admit It
One Degree at a Time-(how change takes time)
A Man
Be of Good Cheer
Education for Life
Forgiveness and Dirty Diapers
Get Up Again
Where Do I Belong?
Mr. Industry vs. Mr. Sloth
Learn to Like It!
Life is Doing
Meeting God in the Morning
No Rest Without Work
Overcoming Fear
Preparing for a Wife
The Best Book
The Morning Watch
The Value of an Old Man
A Time to Kill
Preparing for Your Children

These all being listed, please note that Mr. Shultz always writes in an appropriate manner. Sensitive subjects will be covered but they are done in a way that is never offensive or questionable! He also has Practical Happiness: A Young Man's Guide to a Contented Life and Created for Work available for you to read. Both are on the list to be used as Bible Devotions through the 2010-2011 school year. You can find these on Amazon at very reasonable prices even though what you will be getting by reading them is priceless!
If you've read this book, we would love to hear what you think about it! Post a comment!

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