Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Rime to Read Review

Rime To Read gives the parent and child a virtual, updated reader for the child who is just learning or still struggling with reading. This program is for the young elementary aged child and comes with 20 books in the complete set! Rime To Read’s books are comical and will capture your little readers attention from the very first page! These books utilize word families and word patterns so your child has a higher success rate of reading on their own.

Some may not like the fact that this company is virtual but let me tell you the perks of it being in electronic format. First, most children love the computer! They love to be on it with you, playing games, and just feel special for being allowed to be on it. So they come ready and willing to learn when the computer is involved. You will just want to bottle that eager attitude for every subject!

Next, they will never feel discouraged because with the click of a mouse they can hear the word being read. These readers build up self confidence in their reading and that alone can boost reading skills in no time! No need to spend money on a Leapfrog system and more money on all the reading programs for it. Rime to Read has incorporated the technology of the Leapfrog with their readers.

Another good reason for a virtual book is they can never get displaced or lost. Just log in and you can see what your child has read and how many pages they have accomplished reading. Having it right there on your computer will save you time, something we educators just don't have enough of. It also provides a method of accountability by giving you this information. This is something very important to education and reading.

Here are some reasons from their own website:
· Highly effective approach to beginning reading
· Emphasizing word families (rimes)
· Unique color-coded system
· Structured for success
· Having trouble reading a word? CLICK it and it will be read back to you.

If these good reasons have not convinced you to go virtual, no worries! You have the option of printing out each book for your very own hard copy. These copies are in the easy to print PDF format so most people will have absolutely no problem printing out these 10-12 page readers. These are also good for extra practice when you are on the go! Something you should know though is the books can only be printed one time.

Rime to Read gives the child the practice needed to become a great and self sufficient reader. If you have a beginner who is learning to read or a child who may be struggling with this subject, I urge you to check out Rime to Read for ALL the reasons mentioned above. Their website has a free sample for you try and a testimonial page to peruse so you can make a good and informed decision. Rime to Read may just be the solution you have been looking for.

The cost to purchase the online program (20 books) is $44.99. This is a ONE time fee (lifetime) and it can be used for other children in the family.

If you just want to purchase the vowel books (4 books in the set) it's $9.99.

Click Here to visit their Website.

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